August 28, 2013

Believe it or not, but we didn’t plan to be exactly eight women (like the Berlin Geekettes one and a half years ago) for our informal pre-launch dinner last wednesday, August 14th! Neither did we know about the various connections that already existed within the group. But you know what they say: Hamburg is a village. And if you start asking, there are much more Geekettes in Hamburg than you’d think! 

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.38.04 PM.png

We scheduled this Pre-Launch Dinner to meet with a small group of ladies that had expressed their commitment to support building the new chapter in Hamburg right from the first announcement. Over drinks and food we discussed events we had thought about and collected new ideas about creating a valuable and change-making platform for female tech professionals as well as ladies of all age who want to dive deeper into this industry. 

For example: 

Why not attend congresses, meetups or all kinds of other tech events (usually crowded by men) together? Every Geekette can propose an appointment through our Facebook group to find others who want to join: Going to the JavaScript User Group, meeting at the Silpion summer party or attending any other event is just more fun together!

But it’s not all about networking. Sharing achievements and failures could be valuable for the group as well! Have a great idea for a new product or even startup? Share it with us! Or did you recently start to learn how to code? Tell us and find other Geekettes to support you on your way and keep you motivated. 

And of course, creating a platform for Hamburg Geekettes means providing impulses for all it’s participants. We all could know more about the various profiles, career paths and perspectives in the tech and startup scene. Developers are not born, neither are Designers, Enterpreneurs or UX-Professionals! Verena Brodbeck from Rails Girls Frankfurt definitely got a point saying “No one kept me from coding, but no one pushed me into it neither.” (http://bit.ly/19DlY3w)

So, Geekettes, let’s change that! 

Thanks to Bettina, Theresa, Anne, Tina, Carola and Susi for this great first input and the fabulous evening with you!

Want to join the Hamburg Geekettes Kick-Off event hosted by Facebook? We will have great speakers and lots of time for networking and getting to know each other. Join here.


Tina & Diana

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