Berlin Geekettes Mentee: Olga Reimgen

Post by Olga Reimgen

When I got the Email from Nele Hiller with the suggestion to apply for the Berlin Geekettes Mentoring Program, I had a small eureka moment. You know since I´ve heard that every successful person always had a great mentor on his or her side, I thought why not apply and find my mentor?   

Well… I would love to introduce you to my great mentor:  


Chanyu Xu!

She has been inspiring, guiding and supporting me through the last weeks for which I am really grateful for. 

As a first-time entrepreneur, not every day goes as smoothly as you wish. It’s a lot about learning, learning and learning. You know what I am talking about. I was happy to have the possibility to ask her all the questions that where stuck in my head as she was in the same shoes just while ago. 

We had great meetings combining knowledge and fun. Our first meeting was in the Wonderpot store, enjoying ice cream and talking business. How cool is that? 

What was I hoping to get out of this program? Finding a female entrepreneur to talk to and to share founder stories and experiences. At the end, all of my expectations were reached while at the same time I met a great person. What more could you ask for?

During the last weeks, Xu helped me to move my startup Epiclist a long way forward, introducing me to great people and sharing her experience with fundraising – Thank you Xu!

I would like to thank Denise and Jess for bringing me together with my mentor and giving all the other ladies the possibility to meet inspiring women and grow with their experiences! Thanks a lot ladies :) 


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