Berlin Geekettes Mentorship Program powered by Google

by Denise Philipp

In November of last year, we introduced the first round of our mentorship program. Our goal was to give the women in our community an opportunity to receive guidance and connect with other women who have “been there and done it”.

So many of you applied to the program and we ended up with a spectacular pool of mentors and mentees. A total of 50 women, who were ready to learn and share experiences, kick-started the program.

As the mentor sessions moved along, we listened to your stories and collected your feedback. This launch was our pilot program and a chance for us to understand what your expectations and needs are. We took your suggestions, put our heads together and built a plan for a more structured and guided program. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed with suggestions for improvement!

Needless to say, we are now totally stoked to announce the second round of the Berlin Geekettes Mentorship Program - and this time with a stellar supporter of the Berlin Geekettes community by our side: 


Helping us realize the potential and positive outcomes of this program is Erin Gallagher of Google. Erin says:

“Google began as a startup in a garage and remains a startup at heart. The company is committed to helping build a vibrant ecosystem for startups and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs to be successful. I feel really lucky to work for a company that values the development and growth of all it’s employees, and also supports the growth of local communities, and I am really excited to help bring some of this energy and support to the Geekettes Mentorship programme”

We are so grateful for Erin’s help and positive energy! She has been a member of our community for a while and we’re extremely happy to be collaborating with her on this program! Here’s to you Erin <3

On to the details:

Berlin Geekettes and Google will offer a 5-month long program that focuses on your professional and personal development. The program will kick-off on May 21st at the Google office here in Berlin.

Our goal is to connect you with inspiring women who lend their support while you are advancing your career, setting goals, and expanding your skills. 

Application Process

We are now accepting applications for mentors and mentees. The program is open to 30 mentors and 30 mentees. Just fill out this Google form, tell us a bit about yourself, and we will be in touch with you. We will match you based on your background, your expertise, areas of interests, and goals.

The application deadline is May 7th.

Program Resources

We will offer guidance and resources throughout the program. Each month carries a different theme that serves as fuel for your sessions and conversations with your mentor/mentee. These themes will serve as guidelines to give an idea of what you can accomplish together. You are of course free to chose your own topics during your mentoring sessions.

Monthly Events/Sessions

In addition to your individual meetings, we will host a group meeting for all mentors and mentees each month at the Google office. A speaker will join us to share her or his experience and insights on a topic that ties directly to the theme of the month. We will cover topics such as goal setting, realizing areas of improvement, maximizing strengths, negotiating, and interviewing skills.

Feedback Sessions

At halftime, we will hold a feedback session at the Google office to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program. 

Of course we will have plenty of networking opportunities throughout the program and a celebration at the end : )

We have so many wonderful women in our community and we hope you all consider being part of this program. Spread the word if you know someone who would like to become a mentor or mentee. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

See you soon! Much love, 

Your Berlin Geekettes Team