“Unfuck the Planet” hits the streets of Berlin to fight child poverty

A guest post by Unfuck the Planet.

The holiday season is in full-swing in Berlin. Crowds congregate at the Weihnachtsmarkts to indulge in a full-palette eating extravaganza washed down with countless amounts of Glühwein. Children are bundled up from head to toe in their onesie ski jumpers and loved ones bask under the sparkling Christmas lights. It is all picture perfect. It seems hard to believe that over 2,500 children of Berlin have no grasp over these signature holiday traditions. In fact over 2,500 children of Berlin go hungry over the holidays season.

In light of the holiday spirit, Unfuck the Planet has partnered with the die Arche foundation, who offers housing, meals and education to over 2,500 impoverished children of Gemany, to launch their food drive initiative. Today and FridayUnfuck the Planet will come face-to-face with Berliners at Bio Company: Hackescher Markt to remind them that what they need is more give in their diet. Berlin residents are asked to donate what they can to ensure that children don’t go hungry this Christmas.


Unfuck the Planet is a social change community and coming Facebook application that unites people, ideas and resources in order to identify and solve problems in local communities. The founders of the project, Julian von Blücher and Thomas Schindler, believe that there is never a lack of revolutionary ideas. Unfuck the Planet fosters a community of changers that will grow in action and will help make the planet a better place.

Unfuck the Planet’s co-founder, Julian von Blücher said, “Just being a part of the crowd is not enough. We want to give high-impact social initiatives wings. Die Arche is providing the daily essential nutrition to impoverished children right on our doorstep and we want to help.”

Pastor Bernd Siggelkow founded the children and youth organization in Berlin in 1995. Meanwhile, die Arche is present at ten locations all over Germany and is reaching over 2,500 children and youth. The opening of further institutions has been proposed because unfortunately the demand is enormous. But the task the organization has taken on can only be handled with outside support. 100 % of the work of Die Arche is covered by donations.

“It is greatly appreciated that Unfuck the Planet has joined our fight to feed the children of Berlin,” said Wolfgang Büscher, the head spokesperson for die Arche. “People repeatedly say that children are the future. But children are not only the future: they live now. “

“The problem with our children is that they have become aliens of this world. We have to focus on helping the children directly since the politicians continue to only help the parents of the children; keeping in mind that most of the children that find refuge at die Arche are running away from their abusive and/ or careless parent(s).”

The worst stigma any country can be associated with is the inability to provide for its children. Change comes from within and Unfuck the Planet will use this food initiative to connect with the people of Berlin as a reminder of this. Between 10:00-18:00 on Thursday and Friday, donors can bring all types of food to Bio Company or buy food at Bio Company to donate to the children of die Arche. The food will be delivered to the Berlin die Arche houses after each day of the event. 


This food drive is the perfect initiative for Berlin Geekettes to take part in. The Geekettes have a prominent reputation for being strong-willed, passionate, hard-working and revolutionary women: these traits all translate perfectly into a cause like Unfuck the Planet. In fact, the event has been conceptualized and managed entirely by the Geekettes’ own Rebecca Sunshine. A few Geekettes will also be volunteering over both days. Please come and give the gift of giving during this holiday food drive to end your year off with charitable vivacity.

Unfuck the Planet. Own your impact.

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