Marily Nika

Joanna Diep


My name is Marily, I originally come from Greece - now living in London - and I am the co-ambassador of the London Geekettes!

I am a PhD student at the department of Computing, Imperial College London, specialising in Predictive Analytics. I have received several scholarships throughout my studies and I was the first Greek woman to receive the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship in 2011. These awards have enabled me to explore how mathematical models can be applied to big data sets and provide insights about the Social Phenomena on the Internet such as influence and trends. At the same time, I am temporarily working as a PM on Google's speech team. 

I consider myself to be a gamer, and the biggest fan of Monkey Island:I voice acted for the Voodoo Lady in 2009! Gaming introduced me to tech, and lead me to teach myself how to code in BASIC at the age of 8. I have since been motivating and inspiring young women to love tech as much as I do, by structuring programming exercises, giving talks (most recent one in TEDx), and by writing articles in international magazines. In 2012, I founded the women in computing group at Imperial College London and in 2013 I was invited to run London Geekettes, that I feel will reshape the women in tech landscape in London!

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Twitter: @marilynika

Hi my name is Joanna and I am a Computing alumni from Imperial College London. Although I had little knowledge about computing before attending university, I really enjoyed learning how to program and being creative in my work. Following graduation, I decided to take my career further after graduation by joining the graduate program at an investment bank in London as a software developer and eventually, moved on to an AI startup in West London. While not many of my software developer colleagues were female, I hope that eventually the number of women will increase.

During my time at the investment bank, I participated  in several events focused on women in technology. For example, I was a speaker on a panel at Birmingham University on women working in technology and in investment banking, and talked to young women studying at university who were concerned about women in technology in the financial sector. I hope to contribute more by exposing more women to careers in technology by working with charities like Geekettes!

My interests in computing are programming, especially learning new languages and learning new ways to solve interesting problems by attempting coding challenges in my spare time, and also computer architecture. Outside my interests in technology, I spend my time trying out new foods, whether that’s eating out at a newly discovered restaurant, or trying to recreate dishes at home (although with varying degrees of success). I also enjoy shooting and salsa dancing!


Claudia Mihai

Yulia Bulgakova


Hi, I’m Claudia and I’m a Computing alumna from Imperial College London. I forever fell for everything programming and computers in my penultimate year of high school, all thanks to an excellent, strict yet fair teacher. Actually, if I think back on it, I was probably already doomed when assisting my dad with building my first computer when I was 4 years old - I helped so much that it probably took him double the time it normally would have.

Having always been passionate about technology, I just hope to help more people, particularly women, see how exciting and accessible tech actually can be. I was lucky enough to attend the first GHC London, and I saw so many interesting issues and brilliant solutions brought into discussion that I simply had to get involved with women in tech organisations at a larger scale.

I’m currently a software engineer for a startup developing a chat collaboration platform for enterprise use. However, I’m mostly interested in AI, logic, and user-centred design, so I find a way to cover all of that through both my work and side projects. For example, I worked on OpenWorm for a while, slowly getting involved with OpenMOLE now, but I also have my own small projects such as making a handheld console out of a Raspberry Pi. In the rest of my free time, I dabble in calligraphy, writing, and learning new languages.

Yulia is a Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Foundation. She studied Computing at Imperial College London. She is passionate about building software for a good cause and has a cat named Pixel.

Yulia got interested in programming when she was 10 through meeting other girls of similar age on-line who were building webpages. She then discovered a local programming club where she could continue learning new languages. This and later on programming classes in school helped Yulia to make a decision to pursue a degree in Computing.

Yulia was an active volunteer at her university, she was running the university's Computing society, representing engineering students and was involved in a variety of other volunteering activities such as teaching kids to program and helping the elderly to use computers. 


Claire Donoghue



I recently completed my PhD in the computing department at Imperial College London.  I write software to diagnose osteoarthritis through automated analysis of medical images. My interests are in machine learning and computer vision.  In my current role, I am working towards commercialising and extending my PhD project.

Prior to my PhD I was a software developer in a large investment bank for 2 years.  During this time less than 5% of the software engineers were female, I hope through projects like the Geekettes this figure will be closer to 50%.