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Steffi Feldmann

My name is Steffi Feldmann and I am so excited to re-activate the Munich Geekettes! I was born and raised in Germany, near the Austrian border, and spent some years living abroad. My personal track record so far has been a colourful mix: apart from studying Electrical Engineering – and never finishing – and my Bachelor’s degree in International Business Communications, I worked in Australia supporting an indigenous school in Queensland with their computer education as well as building an on-site hospital ward from scratch and, amongst other experiences, started the Online Marketing efforts of a non-profit theatre company in London.

During my last semester studying International Business Communications, I co-founded my first startup in Munich. Up until today I’ve co-founded 7 startups within the last 5 years – all of them with a tech-focus and all of them with the same team. Over those last few years I got more and more involved in the tech and founder scene in Munich and I am always interested in hearing the latest startup ideas, tech innovation etc.

I’m so excited to see the Munich tech startup scene evolving, nevertheless, in regards to diversity topics there’s still a lot of work to be done here in Bavaria. We have so many great, talented women here that need to be connected and I hope to play a role in encouraging more women to pursue a career in tech and maybe found their own startup.


Dora Dzvonyar

Hi, I’m Dora Dzvonyar and I’m glad to have become a Munich Geekettes ambassador. Originally from Hungary, I moved to a small town near Munich at the age of 6, was immediately confused by all the drama around the German “Schultüten”. Having survived the first day of school, I gradually learned the language and grew up there. I went on to study computer science at TUM, and I also lived in Paris and Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK for a while.

I changed sides and started my PhD at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at TUM after finishing my Masters, which means that I get to torture students on a daily basis now ;-) The thing I love most about my job is teaching software development in an applied, project-based way which is as close to reality as university can get. I am also a freelance trainer at HABA Digitalwerkstatt, where I teach digital tinkering and coding to children aged 6 to 14 years.

I also love creating environments for people to get out of their daily routine, get inspired and connect to others. I am the organizer of TEDxTUM, a local event in the TED format at the Technical University of Munich. This means I get to work with a great team who are passionate about bringing ideas to the community and creating unusual experiences for our attendees, which occasionally involves building giant balloon trees or ball pits just because we can. I also get to coach amazing speakers working hard on getting their talk in the best shape possible. I hope that the Munich Geekettes will also help foster new connections and ultimately make women in tech feel less out-of-place because they know many others who are in similar fields.

Feel free to tweet at me: @DzDorie


Mariana Avezum

My name is Mariana Avezum, and I was born in raised in one of the biggest cities in the world, São Paulo, Brazil. After spending two years of my childhood in Texas, and deciding to come to beautiful Munich for my studies, I added one more year of stay in Asia to the list, which means that depending on your definition, I have actually lived in 4 different continents.

I'm quite sure that any women who ever had to work with computer science definitely understands the motivation behind the Geekettes, but I was very surprised with the huge interest of people in Munich for the topic, and am really glad to take part in this great initiative.

Other than getting a master degree in CS, I spent my Munich years leading the WARR Hyperloop, which I founded back in 2015. Back then, we had no idea that would eventually go on to win the first ever SpaceX Pod Competition, and I am continuously impressed by the amazing people I met along the way. As a main job, I currently am doing a PhD at TUM, and must say I really enjoy supporting people in their own discoveries.  I certainly hope to be able to bring a bit of that spirit into the Geekettes, and look forward to see how this new community will open new possibilities for each member, and its environment.