Anna Siegel 

Hollie Haggans

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My name is Anna and although I am proud to have been born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I have American parents and have been bouncing in and out of New York since 1999. I originally came to the Big Apple to attend The New School’s liberal arts BA program at Eugene Lang College.

After college I found my footing as International Marketing Manager for one of the world’s largest independent world music labels, Putumayo World Music.  This position gave me a wonderful understanding of music consumption patterns and a deep passion for processes around the dissemination of music.  Believing that the music industry needs to value both artists and consumers interests on a global scale and that we were at a major crossroads, I looked for ways to dive head first into the digital format. 

After moving to London, UK in 2008, and upon completion of my Msc from at The London School of Economics, I joined 7digital in 2009 as a label and promotions manager.  In March of 2012 I relocated to establish the company’s New York presence and join the growing North American team.  I now lead 7digital’s global marketing and communications.

I am regularly involved in dealings with major clients but also make time to attend or speak on panels, events and meetings focused on start-ups looking to enter the music space through innovative digital products. I spend much time thinking of cool ways to explain an API, how to get people excited about metadata and ways to make 7digital famous from the very un-glamorous world of deep technical infrastructure building and content licensing. I love what I do and am passionate about both music and technology.

As a native of metro Los Angeles, California and the youngest child of two veterinarians, I was taught principles with real-life experiences, and since lived by that motto, to enhance my growth.  My two brothers and I observed, ringside, in the medical clinics that our parents established and operated, how critical the positive client experience and full client satisfaction is for any business' growth and success.

I made the decision to head to NYC after my undergraduate studies in Sports Medicine, at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I envisioned the bridging of my love of science, that begun in early childhood, with a passion for business.  NYC was choice, because of its vast cultural diversity and access to a global networking community.
The entrepreneurial spirit and its approach to problem solving has always been something that I have been attracted to.  This form of influence and attitude has contributed to my personal business development and success.  I have since had the opportunity building my skillset working for various top-rated NYC-based companies, building my skillset involving visual merchandising, product marketing, and business strategies. 

In 2010 I was fortunate to join Lifebooker, a marketing software platform for small business’, based in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Overseeing the Sales and Support teams, it is crucial that, I collaborate closely with our engineering, design, and product teams, to ensure our offering is understood and appealing.  Whether its providing internal workshops from a SQL overview to understanding basic HTML/CSS functionality, all in an effort to bridging the gap between technology and our end user. Consequently, I look towards the future to building new relationships and partnerships, to enhance the community and have an impact, where I can.