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Ana Vieira

Hi! My name is Ana Sofia. I am a Management and Industrial Engineer turned into a marketing creative and event organizer.

Tech, even though I was born in 1985, was always present in my life, as my father, a very enthusiastic developer, programmed a calculator for me to play when I was two weeks old. In retrospect, this may be one of the reasons why I never doubted I had a place in tech, and everyone else too.

Since I was a child my curiosity lead me to learn science, immerse in nature, draw, design and observe people. This approach to life got me in three different universities to study Microbiology and Genetics, Architecture and Engineering. And I was just 17. I didn’t know then, but I am a generalist and being part of the startup community brought me what I needed to pursue my ideas and make the world a better place.

Startup Weekend changed my life. And after winning Startup Weekend Coimbra, I started organizing other Startup Weekends, Rails Girls and, nowadays, Geekettes events all over the country. I want to give the opportunity to other people to find their tribe, just like I found mine at those startup events.

The dream of building my startup is still alive and that is a thing that I work on my spare time. Meanwhile, I work as a freelance on social media and design.

sara ramos

Hello! My name is Sara Ramos and I live in Porto, Portugal. I’m a Digital Marketer, a knowledge seeker and an amateur singer.

I’ve studied Business Management and started my career by working as a Financial Audit. If you’re guessing it didn’t work for me, you’re right! After 2 years, I finally found the courage to change. I started studying Digital Marketing and looking for a job that would allow me to be myself - creative, dynamic, happy. Two years passed and I’m working at an events company and a tourism startup, in charge of Digital Marketing, and on other projects, as a freelancer.

In 2014, I attended the Rails Girls, where I had the chance to get a glimpse of how many cool projects were being developed in Porto / Portugal and the people behind them. By the end of that day, I knew I had to be part of that somehow and told Ana Sofia, I’d be willing to help in future events, if she needed me. And here I am!

As a Geekettes Ambassador in Porto, I hope to motivate more and more women to get involved in tech, design and leadership and, above all, to feel comfortable being whatever they want to.

Hello my name is Ana Vieira, I was born in Porto but recently I’ve moved to Lisbon to get involved in a new work project.

I’ve always been curious about tech, not because of the final outcome, but because it’s a continuous learning. For over 7 years I’ve been building online presences for small businesses, friends and family just for fun.

After I finished my Masters degree in Communications Technologies, I realized that it was the moment to improve my tech skills, so I created my own blog about “Web Accessibility”. Honestly, the writing was not as challenging as it was discovering how to manage the blog, with its widgets and plugins and malware. And it was the best way to learn these things.

In 2013 I attended the first Rails Girls held in Portugal and there I became more aware of how code can be helpful and exciting at the same time. In the same year I was involved in TedxOporto and I figured out that we all need to be inspired, as inspiration give us the strength to follow our dreams.

I currently work in a portuguese wine company where fell in love with winemaking, the different types of regions and wine styles.

Life is full of surprises, and the thing for me is learning new things everyday, overtaking challenges and doing what makes me happy.