Our Current Mentorship Program

These themes and topics are just guidelines. You should collaborate with each other to tailor the goals of your mentoring sessions based on the skills and needs of the mentee.

The topics for each month are linked to the monthly speaker events. If a topic is not relevant to the mentee, feel free to discuss an alternative topic. It might also be helpful to identify a small project the mentee can work on.


Month One - September


Before our first group session we will be organizing two pre-program events, one addressed to the mentees and another one for the mentors. 

During the first month, focus on getting to know each other and identify areas of focus:

  • Introduce yourselves - where you come from, what you studied, your job now.

  • What is the Mentees experience so far? (working? studying? started their own business?)

  • What would they like to learn more about in the coming weeks?

  • Brainstorm ideas on a small project you could work on together

  • Set some goals to achieve by the end of your 6 months.

Exchange details and agree appropriate communication for your regular meetings (i.e., face-to-face, Google Hangout, telephone call).

Group session topic: "Efficient Networking"

Speaker: Yvonne Kania, Customer Program Manager bei HERE

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Month Two - October


  • Which aspects of their current role do they enjoy most?

  • What do they find challenging?

  • Tips on communicating confidently about what you are good at

  • How to improve in areas where you could do better

  • Are there any concrete actions that can be taken to develop their skills? (discuss learning options, courses, networking etc)

  • How much of their current role plays to their strengths?

Groups session topic: "Personal Branding"

Speaker: Inka Kretschmer, Leadership development coach, Director at Mindmatters Coaching

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Month Three - November


  • Where do they currently find what they need?

  • Where else could they go for helpful information?

  • Share your favourite sites, publications etc for industry insight.

  • Discuss how to make the most of networking opportunities.

  • If you and your mentee are interested in a technical career, share tips on how to gain coding experience and do a pair programming exercise.

Group session topic: "Negotiation Essentials"

Speakers: Hilary Klassen (Business coach), Nick Weller (Negotiations expert), Matthias Kress (Public speaking expert)

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Month Four - January


Mid-point Evaluation

  • Is this mentoring relationship useful so far?

  • What would make it even better?

Career Direction

  • Do they know what they want to do?

  • Do they know what will help them get there?

Groups session topic: "Stress Management"

Speaker: Melanie Fieseler, Business and career coach, founder of WorkSmart

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Month Five - February

Taking the lead

  • Tips on communication skills and abilities

  • Discuss interview/pitch experiences (as appropriate)

  • Do a mock interview / pitch for practice!

Group session topic: "Leadership and Decision Making"

Speaker: Judith Jungmann, Senior Vice President Human Resources and Communication at Scout24

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