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Denise Philipp



My name is Denise and I'm the co-founder of Geekettes.

I was born and raised in Tempelhof to a Berliner father and a South-Korean mother. In 1999, I've decided to give the U.S. of A. a try and ended up spending close to 11 years in the greater Atlanta area. Pecan pies and grits - I clearly loved it there.

I have a B.A. in International Technical Communication and an M.S. in Information Design from Southern Polytechnic State University. Before the startup world caught me, I worked as corporate Tech Writer, creating product specifications and technical curriculum.

Dancing alongside engineers, always describing what others build but never getting my own hands dirty, I realized that I want to learn more about developing products and breaking stuff.  

In early 2012, I joined a RailsGirls workshop (check them out, they're great!) where I met Jess. She told me she created a Facebook group called the Berlin Geekettes to give women in tech a voice and a place to learn and grow together. I knew right away, this is my kinda group.

Since then, I joined Jess' mission to support these rockstar women and to find the next generation of female tekkies. 

Learning goals: Front-End Development

Role models: Claire Huxtable, my mom