Android Developer


We’re working on a difficult and meaningful problem.

We’re Clue

We’re a startup based in Berlin with the vision to make a dent in the history of family planning. Here’s an article, and a video of Clue. We’re a 10-person team of easy-going and hard-working folks. We are VC-backed, have a huge vision and a secret hardware product in the works.

Hello Android developer. Come play.

The app Clue, our digital backbone.

Clue’s success to date has been due to our beautiful iOS app. It’s time to bring the same magic to Android - which is where you come in.

Clue’s design is specified at the pixel level, so we're looking for someone with the eye of a designer. You’ll be writing native Java and know how to build a maintainable code base. You know your way around scripting languages and development tools, too. Clue’s interactions are complex, and you’ll be bending android.widget.* and carving custom components to do your bidding. You will discuss and include feedback from our beta users (we love our many beta testers). We work with an informal agile approach. Clue for Android will be unique, and you’ll be owning it from scratch.

Are you a really good coder who is nice to work with?

We’re looking for a full-time Android developer to be part of our team. You’ll work closely with the product and design team and our other engineers to bring the feel of Clue to the world of Android.

What to do now?

We talk. It’s really quite simple: