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Product Owner Mobile at erento GmbH

erento | Berlin

We’re looking for a Product Owner Mobile who is focused on results and pragmatic. You will be working with a young and dynamic team that is rebooting erento as the reference marketplace for collaborative consumption. 

You are:

Generally love data! We are looking for a fresh and passionated graduate with analytical skills who is not afraid to think outside the box and challenge assumptions. 

  • results oriented: data speaks louder than personal biases;
  • adept of light processes: gettings things done well and as fast as possible;
  • clear regarding the targets to be reached: share a common vision with everyone involved in building the product;
  • obsessed with learning new things: translating these learnings in terms of product evolution;
  • in love with technology and science: how they can help us create a more sustainable future;
  • fun to work with: a team player while having your own opinions.

Either you have a technical background and moved over to the more business side of things or vice-versa.

We’re building something awesome: come to work for us in Berlin enjoying a fun, light maker culture at our company. Check out who we are and what we are planning with erento at Project Phoenix, our blog!

Please apply on our job website: