The OTHER Hackathon

Talent and Technology solving today's challenges

July 4th - 6th, 2014

SAP and the Berlin Geekettes are bringing you more hackathon magic on the weekend of July 4th - 6th at the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam.

Under the theme “Digital City”, we want to solve challenges and develop innovative solutions. Anyone can submit a challenge (i.e., hack idea) and apply as participant.

We are looking for 35 participants who will hack alongside 15 SAP experts. You will have the weekend to build solutions and solve your/our challenges. It's a great chance to showcase your skills and for SAP the perfect opportunity to prove its technology in an open ecosystem.

Hackathon Theme

The theme of this hackathon is “Digital City”. Some areas we’d like to cover are:

  • Public Safety

  • Energy & Resource Management

  • Transportation

  • Smart Buildings

  • Climate Solutions

When you’re thinking of your hack, ask yourself “What role will technology play in the urban development and infrastructure of our cities?”“How can we make our communities smarter?”


You can participate by submitting a challenge/hack idea or by applying as a participant. Or you just do both: Submit a challenge and summon a team of attending experts around you to help solve it.

Submitting a Challenge

Bring your own challenges to solve during the hackathon. Your challenge should:

  • Fit the theme “Digital City”
  • Be pitched to the participants
  • Use 1 out of the 3 SAP technologies

There will be one challenge submitted by SAP concerning energy management and how to tackle energy shortage by smart usage. You will receive further details before the event.


Applying as Participant

In general we recommend having experience in ONE of the following:

  • Database programming /modelling (SQL)

  • Web programming (Java, JavaScript, HTML5)

  • UI Design

Furthermore, Eclipse skills are of advantage as they can save you time during the hackathon.

We have now closed the application window. All applicants will receive an email by June 22nd. Thank you!


The winning team will be elected by a jury and announced at the event itself. The jury will consist of SAP professionals, the Berlin Geekettes and other experts (such as challenge submitters). They will consider your hack based on the following criteria:

  • Viability

  • Feasibility

  • Desirability

  • Creativity

  • Maturity of the prototype

SAP First Prize

Sponsored by SAP, the team with the winning hack will travel to Silicon Valley. Visit the birthplace of the software industry and pitch your idea and outcomes to a high-level SAP R&D executive.

T-Labs & EIT ICT Labs Prize

Participation in The Smart Energy Summer School. The Smart Energy Summer School is a 2-week pan European education program taking place in Karlsruhe and Stockholm. 

Students participating at these two weeks long schools will learn the current state of the art in SmartGrids and will be able to apply new techniques coming from various communities and backgrounds to their own domain. The two weeks will be held at KTH in Stockholm and at KIT in Karlsruhe. Courses will be given in English by experts from industry and academia working in various fields on the common topic of Smart Energy Systems. More...

For those unable to be absent for two weeks we are offering access to the exclusive training program of hub:raum, the accelerator of Deutsche Telekom. For one month you will able to join various workshops or coaching sessions of hub:raum, which are normally only accessible for startups working in the accelerator.

**All prizes distributed to winners are the sole responsibility of the prize donor.

Climate-KIC Prize

Invitation to pitch at the national finals of Clean Launchpad, Europe’s largest clean-tech business idea competition. Once you make it to the top 3, you will pitch at the European finals in Valencia with a chance to win €10.000. You will get free workshops and coaching sessions along the way. More…

**All prizes distributed to winners are the sole responsibility of the prize donor.



The Hackathon kicks off on Friday, July 4th to welcome all participants. On Saturday morning, we will begin the 24-hour Hackathon. By Sunday afternoon, we will conclude the Hackathon with demos and celebrate the teams with stellar prizes from our amazing sponsors.

We do acknowledge the fact that the soccer world championship games are scheduled on this weekend. For the ones interested, there will be options provided to watch the game.

Real Food

We’ll provide you with the right fuel to keep you focused and hacking. No junk food, but healthy snacks and meals for everyone!


Back by popular demand, we will be offering activities to keep your mind, body and soul balanced while you’re building, coding, and designing.


If you like to bring your child, please let us know in your application. We can't promise anything, but we'll do our best to organize childcare services.

Special Guest: Opening Words by Katherina Reiche, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Featured Experts

We will have a lineup of inspirational thought leaders at the Hackathon. They will give speeches and will be available for you to ignite your creativity and give feedback. The list will be constantly updated as we finalize it.

Anka Wittenberg
Dr. Jürgen Müller 
Holger Dieterich

Anka Wittenberg | Sr. Vice President, Head of People Sustainability, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, SAP AG

Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer (CDIO) at SAP, is leading the global People Sustainability Department encompassing Diversity & Inclusion, People Principles and Health. She is the pivotal change agent on how to design and implement work relationship at SAP – all together in an inclusive environment based on mutual respect, care and trust. Anka is Project Sponsor of the OTHER Hackathon.

Dr. Jürgen Müller | Head of the SAP Innovation Center

Since September 2013, Dr. Jürgen Müller co-heads the SAP Innovation Center. In this role, Jürgen oversees the Innovation Center’s co-innovation projects with companies, research and academic partners to further the application areas for strategic SAP technologies like the SAP HANA in-memory platform, as well as the SAP Mobile and Cloud solutions.

Holger Dieterich | Climate-KIC

Holger Dieterich is responsible for the German part of Clean Launchpad, Europe’s largest cleantech business idea competition. He also is a coach for the startups in the Green Garage Accelerator.

Heike van Geel | Design Strategist, Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP AG

Heike works with customers in the initial and exploratory stage of a design project, helping them first to identify the right challenge to solve before generating ideas for future concepts. She is passionate about engaging use experience and participatory sessions, she created and facilitated those in many different locations around the globe.

Claire Zschiesche | Senior Developer, SAP AG

Claire joined SAP in 1998 and has worked in various positions ever since (Product Management, Technical Writer, Web Site Admin… ). She currently works as a senior developer (mainly ABAP) in the area of Financial Services – Banking. Besides her development job, she is also engaged in the SAP Business Women Network, which she will represent at this hackathon.

Uwe Kylau | Development Expert, SAP AG

Uwe studied at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, where he earned his Master’s degrees before starting his career at SAP Research in Brisbane in 2007/08. After 5 years of corporate research in sunny Australia, he moved back to HQ in Walldorf in 2012 to work on SAP’s development experience and now SAP’s development culture.


Dr. Heiko Lehmann |  Director of Research and Innovation Smart Energies, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories

Heiko read physics at Humboldt University Berlin where he received a PhD in 1991. After academic work at Oxford and other universities, he joined a telematics working team at Volkswagen Group in 1999. Currently, Heiko holds the post of Research and Innovation Director Smart Energies at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories. Also, he is Action Line Leader for Smart Energy Systems at the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT).

Marion Fröhlich | Senior Strategic Design Consultant, SAP AG

Marion works as a Senior Strategic Design Consultant at the Design & Co-Innovation Center - SAP, where she applies a human-centered design approach to transform businesses into engaging and productive experiences. From startup to enterprise she helps customers to establish design practices in their organisation. She crafts award-winning products that people use.

SAP Technology

Understandably, we want you to use latest SAP technology. But by all means, that should not limit your creativity: You are welcome to use any kind of technology to solve your challenge. Still, we would like you to include at least one of the provided SAP technologies while working on your challenges. The good thing: The SAP platform technologies we provide allow a vast range of combinations and are open to be enhanced with other technologies incl. open-source software. When creating the teams to work on the challenges, SAP experts will be available to join your team and will help you get started with development on a particular SAP technology.

General Information on SAP HANA

SAP HANA combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. This new architecture enables converged OLTP and OLAP data processing within a single in-memory, column-based data store with ACID compliance, while eliminating data redundancy and latency. By providing advanced capabilities, such as predictive and text analytics, spatial processing, data virtualization, on the same architecture, it further simplifies application development and processing across big data sources and structures. This makes SAP HANA the most suitable platform for building and deploying next-generation, real-time applications and analytics. More info here.

Three ways to use SAP technology at the hackathon (click to expand): 

1. Using SAP Technology As A Database
SAP HANA provides you with an in-memory platform for structured and unstructured data that is a fully functional, SQL-compliant relational database. You can model your data in tables, access it via views and stored procedures, and expose it via OData interfaces. A comprehensive functions library enables you to perform text analytics, predictive analysis or geo-spatial computations directly in the database. SAP HANA comes with a wide range of client libraries (JDBC, ODBC, Python, or PHP), if you decide to connect your application in a traditional way. More info here.

2. Using SAP Technology As A Runtime Environment
SAP HANA is not just a database. It also offers application server capabilities with server-side JavaScript that executes directly on top of your data. You can build custom Web-based connectors or full-fledged applications. For example, SAP HANA includes a Web-based IDE written entirely as a native HANA application.

For those of you familiar with Java, we provide SAP HANA Cloud Platform, our Platform-as-a-Service. It features a JavaEE-compliant runtime environment and a number of out-of-the-box platform services, like persistence, document storage or security. The Persistence Service, for example, utilizes EclipseLink for data abstraction and by default connects to a SAP HANA database. You can also access the underlying SAP HANA database directly for more complex scenarios. More info here.

3. Using SAP Technology As A Front-End (Open UI5)
UI5 lets you build enterprise-ready web applications, responsive to all devices, running on almost any browser of your choice. It’s based on JavaScript, using JQuery as its foundation and follows web standards. It eases your development with a client-side HTML5 rendering library including a rich set of controls and supports data binding to different models (JSON, XML and OData). More info here.

Venue & Accommodation

We will spend the weekend at the SAP Innovation Center. A beautiful location in the midst of greenery and Potsdam flair! Spend your weekend in Potsdam and stay in Hackathon mode. Hotel rooms will be provided! There will also be transportation shuttles available to pick you up from S-Bhf Westkreuz and take you to the SAP Innovation Center.


SAP AG | Konrad-Zuse-Ring 10 | 14469 Potsdam | Germany

About SAP

From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Facts about SAP

  • SAP serves more than 258,000 customers in 180 countries.

  • Packaged solutions for 25 industries and 11 lines-of-business (Applications).

  • Our employees around the globe represent over 120 nationalities.

  • Partner network with >11,500 SAP partner companies around the world.

  • Market leader in enterprise application software.

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Work at SAP

All SAP attendees will give you honest insight to evaluate if SAP is the right partner for you: Either in your career or in driving your startup.

For all the job seekers/changers among you: SAP is recruiting! Grab the opportunity to check out our global open positions. Love the venue? Here are more open positions at the SAP Innovation Center.


"I hope we put together an exciting event for you. For all questions regarding the hackathon or SAP, please do not hesitate to contact me at Looking forward to meet you in person at the event." - Ansgar Ruhnau, Project Lead “The OTHER Hackathon”, SAP People Sustainability