Prof. Dr. Katja Nettesheim is the founder and CEO of _MEDIATE, a company consulting on and implementing initiatives of Strategic Business Development.

Prior to that, Katja worked for many years at the Axel Springer Group. There, she was active in the field of M&A, as well as on the Managing Board of Hamburg’s regional newspapers. Previously, Katja was a business consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, mainly in the media and private equity practices. In the early stages of her career, she was an attorney for international tax and corporate law at Freshfields and Shearman & Sterling, among others.

In parallel, Katja serves as professor of media management at a private university. She is also part of the hub:raum (Deutsche Telekom’s incubator) mentor team and a member of the advisory board of GMPVC German Media Pool, Germany’s first media for equity fund.

Workshop at 16:15 - 17:30: "Salary Negotiation" 


Sonja Jost was born on February 8th, 1980 in Braunschweig, and graduated from highschool in 1999.

From 1999 to 2005, Sonja Jost was a student at the University of Technology in Berlin and graduated as an engineer in Technical Chemistry in 2005. Within her grade she was one the 10 percent best students. 

Since then she won several scholarships for her dissertation and became head of the EXIST Forschungstransfer research project of the University of Technology in Berlin which was funded by the Federeal Ministry of Economics and Technology. 

In February 2013 the spin-off DexLeChem was founded which soon became partner within the cluster of excellence UNICAT (unifying concepts of catalysis), 

Sonja Jost was Co-Director of the first Junior Social Entrepreneurship Summit in July 2013 (Summer School in cooperation with the University of Technology und Free University Berlin, the Mirman School L.A. USA, the Nelson-Mandela School Berlin und the Berlin British School).

Workshop at 16:15 - 17:30: "How to Found Your Own Startup after Graduating"


Caroline Seifert is Senior Vice President Product Design at Deutsche Telekom, leading in the Telecommunication and IT industry, internationally serving private and business clients with products and services for connected life and work.

Focusing on simplicity and joy in product usage, Seifert started building the product design department of Deutsche Telekom, not as task for a department but as a common understanding of the entire company, creating client-centric solutions. Working towards the goal of making the daily lives of the clients easier – at home, on the move and at work.

Caroline Seifert is in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years and was involved in the introduction of mobile communications into the German market. Her passion is the development of new products and solutions and getting them into the market – for example one of the first location-based-services or mobile navigation solutions. Furthermore, she is responsible for the future forum of Deutsche Telekom, the T-Gallery, the corporation’s forum of international experts, who continuously shape and prototype the digital life of tomorrow for DT’s clients.

Talk at 10:20 A.M: Opening Talk 

 With a background in Jewelry Design and Metalwork, Anna holds a deep and lasting passion for hands-on product development. Having worked as a Product Manager in the Luxury Goods industry, she decided to turn her back on physical products for a little while and started up a number of projects in the virtual world, but has recently returned to her roots and founded a hardware company. Her 'baby', Fast Forward Imaging, combines hardware and software elements to produce faster, better and more affordable product photography for manufacturers and e-commerce. Anna's love for iterative and experimental product development processes results in what one of Fast Forward Imaging's clients has jokingly called the company's „MacGyver factor“; she has been known to carry a hot glue gun in her purse.

Workshop at 12:00 - 13:15  : "Why We Need More Female Founders" 


Anna Ott  has been recruiting talents for internet companies since the beginning of "new economy" in 2000 - and still believes that working with entrepreneurial people is the most thrilling. In 2010, she joined i-potentials, a market leader in recruiting digital natives - for startups, incubators or corporates.  

Anna now works as HR Expert for hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom's startup incubator. 

Workshop at 12:00 - 13:15: "Writing Creative Resumes" 

Nicole Simon specializes in tactics and workflows/systems, structuring people and information: 

"I am mostly known for being "cruel to be kind": honest and constructive feedback with a talent for finding the weak spots. This works especially well for companies trying to start their Social Media activities, startups who want to improve their products, and individuals trying to advance in their career. Also experienced in helping others understand modern technology and improve their business / daily lives through it."

"I am the main author of the German book on Twitter, released in December 2008; named "Twitter - Mit 140 Zeichen zum Web 2.0" and the Social Media Marketing Video Training, released by Galileo in 2012."

Workshop at 16:15 - 17:30: "It's a tool and easy to use - Social Media from hobby to career" 

Inspiration Talk at 17:45

Josefina Petrus is the founder of The Love of Chilies. 

 Inspiration Talk at 17:45

 Ekaterina Karabasheva is a soon be a founder and social entrepreneur.

 Inspiration Talk at 17:45 

Raffaela Rein is founder and CEO of COACH, a community that helps people get ahead professionally. Passionate about all things digital, Raffaela is dedicated to creating and executing digital opportunities that transform, simplify and delight the life of the end user. As a VP of Global Venture Development for Rocket Internet, Raffaela has founded three e-commerce companies in South East Asia (in China, Australia and Taiwan). Then Raffaela founded Satorion Partners, a digital consultancy that specializes in innovation, scaling and digital transformation. Raffaela started her career as an Investment Strategist for BlackRock in London. She graduated with distinction in a Ba. (Hons.) Business Finance from the University of Durham.

 Inspiration Talk at 17:45  

Jess Erickson is the founder of Berlin Geekettes, a Berlin based organization that unites mentors and promotes women in technology. Jess is a TEDx, SXSW & NEXT conference speaker and a mentor for both Hub:raum & Startup Bootcamp accelerator programs.

She is the former Berlin producer for General Assembly in Berlin, a global education that provides entrepreneurs with a multidisciplinary education covering technology, design and business. Organized one of Berlin's first VC/Founder conferences and architected a 8 week education program for Hub:raum by vetting top mentors from Berlin, London and NYC.

Talk at 10:00 AM: Kick-off with the Berlin Geekettes Founders

 Denise Philipp was born and raised in Berlin, Germany but is an honorary Georgia Peach at heart. She spent a large portion of her life in Atlanta, Georgia where she completed her Masters in Information Design & Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Denise is the co-founder of Berlin Geekettes. She formerly worked as Information Designer, creating technical training material and curriculum for the corporate world.

Talk at 10:00 AM: Kick-off with the Berlin Geekettes Founders 

Michele Guido is a former English teacher gone "engineer-in-training".

 Inspiration Talk at 17:45

Tiffany Conroy is a Developer, Designer, Product Manager. She is trained as an electrical engineer, Tiffany eventually found herself in web development doing design and frontend as a self-taught programmer. After a stint as a business analyst, she returned to web dev with new insight and skills from working in a corporate process engineering team. The driving force of her work is empowering colleagues and improving process.

When she’s not hunting down tasty recipes and restaurants, she co-organizes BerlinJS and JSConf EU. She speaks regularly about design and programming topics. She started the We Are All Awesome project to encourage inexperienced speakers, and especially women, to present at tech events.

Panel at 11:00 AM: Life and business is not always straightforward. Join a panel of women from SoundCloud who have defined their own roles, changed careers or work in non-conventional roles. 

Jennifer is a seasoned product manager, engineer and trainer with a mixed background in business, engineering and design. She joined SoundCloud in 2013 and is responsible, among other things, for widgets and partner integrations. Her passions include technology, understanding how humans tick and music.

Jennifer frequently speaks at various technology events in Berlin. She is also a mentor for Product Management in the Berlin Geekettes Mentorship Program.

Panel at 11:00 AM: Life and business is not always straightforward. Join a panel of women from SoundCloud who have defined their own roles, changed careers or work in non-conventional roles. 

Nadines Guhlich heads up Market Research at SoundCloud Ltd. Previously Director of Consumer Insights at Fox Mobile Group - A News Corporation Company and Founder of Grassrootculture a trend, insight and strategy consulting, Nadines has held a variety of roles including strategic marketing, brand and product strategy, trend scouting and innovation lab.

Panel at 11:00 AM: Life and business is not always straightforward. Join a panel of women from SoundCloud who have defined their own roles, changed careers or work in non-conventional roles. 

Duana Stanley is a Developer, Technical Journalist, Organizer. After 7 years of developing web apps in Java and Ruby, Duana got the urge to do something different and started the Engineering Communications team with Ursula at SoundCloud. Duana organizes engineering onboarding, writes blog posts, helps with communication initiatives and hacks on things here and there. She also mentors beginners to the field, especially women, through RailsGirls and OpenTechSchool.

Panel at 11:00 AM: Life and business is not always straightforward. Join a panel of women from SoundCloud who have defined their own roles, changed careers or work in non-conventional roles. 


 Ursula Kallio is Technical Writer, Accent Coach, Language Hacker, Violinist, Hominid. Ursula has 10+ years of experience writing technical documentation from supercomputers, to cellphones, to SoundCloud. She is a language hacker in English, Finnish, Spanish, Mandarin, and German. With her extensive years of experience as a writer, she mentors engineers to write clear and concise technical documentation. With her advanced TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and background in language training, she coaches the diverse spectrum of SoundClouders to speak English with a high level of understandability.

Like many other SoundClouders, Ursula relocated Berlin (in May 2013 from San Francisco). She is originally from Minnesota where she earned a Music degree as a violinist.

Panel at 11:00 AM: Life and business is not always straightforward. Join a panel of women from SoundCloud who have defined their own roles, changed careers or work in non-conventional roles. 


Ansgar Ruhnau is assistant to the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Ms Anka Wittenberg at SAP and in addition responsible for metrics and reporting associated with the sustainable business. He is supporting the development and implementation of SAP’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy globally, ensuring sustainable business success. SAP believes that diversity is a source of innovative strength that allows the company to better meet and understand the needs of its customers. Being dedicated to make the world run better, focusing on a diverse and inclusive environment gives us the foundation to ensure that we deliver innovative solutions for challenges our customers and society as a whole, are facing today and in the future. 

Ansgar joined SAP in September 2010 for an integrated degree program. He worked in several departments such as Controlling, Expert Career and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Prior to joining SAP, Ansgar Ruhnau served his military basic service in Bruchsal in the sports promotion section for Rugby completing his service as Corporal. Additionally, Ansgar Ruhnau is chairman of the SAP youth and trainee representation provision.

Ansgar Ruhnau holds a bachelor degree in Business of the Corporate State University Mannheim, Germany. He is also a passionate Rugby player.

Workshop at 16:15"Design Thinking - How to Innovate"  

Jess Hayden is a Recruiting Manager at SoundCloud. Having worked in the area of People Management and Development for nearly ten years, she treasures honest communication in recruiting and employment branding. She currently develops learning programs and recruits engineers at SoundCloud.


Workshop at 12:00 PM: "Tech Job Search Strategy"



Charmilla Kasper coordinates recruiting at SoundCloud. Drawing on her intercultural communication skills, previous social work practice and project management expertise, she is focused on creating positive candidate experiences. As someone who has gained access to opportunities through networking and mentoring, Charmilla is driven by motivating life stories and learning from others in the tech scene.

 Workshop at 12:00 PM: "Tech Job Search Strategy"


 Lydia Dreyer is Product Manager at eBay Kleinanzeigen eBay Inc. 

Panel at 15:00pm: "From Small to Big, the challenges and opportunities" 

Martina Engert.jpg

Martina Engert has been working as a Checkout Experience Consultant for Germany, Austria and Switzerland with “PayPal Deutschland SE” since July 2011. Since May 2013, she’s leading the Technical Consulting Team PayPal.

Panel at 15:00pm: "From Small to Big, the challenges and opportunities"



Paul Heimann is Manager of Mobile Development at eBay Kleinanzeigen Inc.

Panel at 15:00pm: "From Small to Big, the challenges and opportunities"

Martina Freundorfer.jpg

Martina Freundorfer is a Web Developer at GmbH / eBay Inc.

 Panel at 15:00pm: "From Small to Big, the challenges and opportunities"


Stephan Schmidt.jpg

Stephan Schmidt has been working as a head of development and CTO. He has experiences in different technologies since 20 years including Java, Rails and Python. Stephan's main field of interest is maintainability and productivity in software development.

 Panel at 15:00pm: "From Small to Big, the challenges and opportunities"