Smart Wear Discussion


Berlin Geekettes are hosting an exploratory discussion together with Sony Mobile to discover new trends in the smart wearable sector.

We've prepared a set of questions to better understand your preferences, activities, and general disposition towards smart wearables. During the course of the evening, we will explore these questions and conclude with a list of capabilities we'd like to see implemented in the future.

Drinks and food will be provided!

Time and Location


Group 1: April 29th, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Group 2: April 29th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Where: Geekettes Office (Deutsche Telekom Building)

Winterfeldtstraße 21 | 10781 Berlin

Sign Up for the Discussion:

If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please fill out the form. We're looking for Geekettes who are interested in smart wearable technology. You do not need to own a device but should be open to sharing your perspective and expectations around new trends.

Your incentive for participating: Food & wine consumed in excellent company ; ) And a 30EUR gift certificate to that one famous online marketplace.

Oh, and the fine print:

  1. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign an NDA from Sony Mobile.
  2. The findings of the discussion will be communicated to the Sony Mobile team. 
  3. However, your personal information (i.e., email address, name, etc.) will not be shared. Findings will be presented as anonymous.
  4. The discussion will be recorded (just audio, not video). Audio files will be used to help summarize the findings of the discussion. Audio files will not be shared with any third party.