Diana Knodel

Tina Egolf

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Diana Knodel has a background in computer science, psychology and educational research. After graduating from university she co-founded CyberMentor, an e-mentoring program for girls and women in STEM. She currently works as a product owner at XING and is engaged in the startup scene in Hamburg. She loves to share her enthusiasm about tech and coding as a volunteer at OpenTechSchool, always trying to get more girls and women into tech.

"When I first learned about the Berlin Geekettes, I was very excited and happy – this is what we need in order to change stereotypes about computer science and technology. Geekettes are smart, creative, and passionate women, engaged and interested in the tech-/startup scene. I just loved it! My second thought was: We need this in Hamburg! I am thrilled and more than happy that we get the chance to start the second Geekettes chapter in Germany – the Hamburg Geekettes!“

Tina Egolf is the Co-Founder and CEO of wellcome:familie.unternehmen a Hamburg based start-up improving work culture and family friendliness in companies. With a professional background in venture capital, social business and contemporary art investment she has always been a border crosser, translator and (more often than not) troublemaker eager to transfer knowledge and innovation between the worlds.   

"For me, happiness and success means being able and willing to live up to your potential and realize your dreams. To do so, I experienced that speaking different "languages" - i.e. the language of business, the language of design, the language of tech etc. - is a massively powerful tool. Tech is going to be the language of the future and it is absolutely unacceptable that women will not have a voice to express it. For me the Hamburg Geekettes chapter is supposed to create a platform for women in tech but also spread the word to curious and aspiring females looking for their own voice!"