Spotlight: Alesha Summers

Our very own Berlin Geekette Alesha is pursuing a career in Business Analytics/Business Intelligence and looking for a new challenge. Her love for data is inspiring, courageous, and contagious all in one. And so, in her own words, we’d like the world to meet Alesha Summers:


“After graduating with an Anthropology degree, I wanted more business knowledge and experience. So, I went for a Masters in Business Administration. Now, I am pursuing a career in Business Analytics/Business Intelligence

In hindsight, I think it’s easy to see a direct lineation from anthropology to business analytics, but that wasn’t so clear at the time. After much introspection, I discovered that what drew me to anthropology was my curiosity for the current state of the world and my desire to make sense of it all. Data scientists are anthropologists in their own right; They use technology to tell stories. They have the ability to take data, process it, extract value from it, and communicate it.

I am strengthening my technical skills so that I am able to develop my own set of tools for doing data analysis. Today, so much is given to us freely; it would be a shame to not constantly challenge ourselves to bigger and better things. I am so grateful for organizations like OpenTechSchool. The biggest thank you to them would be taking the tools they provide and using them to my advantage so that one day, I will have the ability to offer something valuable to the community. This is the biggest career goal I could hope to achieve.

I am also world-level athlete. I dedicated 10 years to being a competitive powerlifter. I started with no experience, and ended my junior career as an all-around gold medalist at my last world championships. I have competed at four Junior World Powerlifting Championships for the U.S. and have numerous national, and state records. I am also a six-time national champion.” 

(Don’t believe her? Check this out!)

“It’s somewhat difficult to convince people that the work ethic I possess in my hobbies also applies in the workplace. But sports and the workplace are not as different as you may think. Competing at the world level takes hours of preparation, and is not limited to just physical practice. Everything must have a purpose and a goal because that’s how you can measure your performance and alter your strategies accordingly. 

In the workplace, it’s the company versus the world, and if you don’t shoot for your best every day, then your company won’t come out on top. When it’s time to show the world what your company is made of, you will know all of your efforts prepared you to be at the peak of your performance. I want companies to know that I have what it takes to be a winner not just on the lifting platform, but in the workplace as well.”

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