Berlin Geekettes, Ready to Lean In?

By Jess Erickson, Founder of Berlin Geekettes

My goal is very simple: to make a difference in my community by encouraging women to think big and take a slice out of the tech industry that they deserve. 


Technology is at the forefront of pushing innovation in many different sectors across the globe. I believe there should be greater proportion of women in the creation and decision making process on all fronts. From investing, to mastering code, to jumpstarting one’s own business. If women can see that they have the exact same potential as men to succeed, the world — and everyone in it — will be blessed with more great, innovative ideas.

So how do we do this? 

For starters, Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In offers some excellent advice. It applies to any woman, in any industry. Perhaps it just hits home more closely knowing that she is the current COO of Facebook, former Googler ;) 

I know many women who are frankly too busy to read this book, so I’m going to host a 2 day evening workshop drawing out points from each chapter and hopefully sparking a lively discussion among both men and women (all are welcome).


(Image pulled from Time magazine)

Chapters of Lean In that will be summarized and turned into discussion points:

Introduction: Internalizing the Revolution

1) The Leadership Ambition Gap: 

What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

2) Sit at the Table

3) Success and Likeability

4) It’s a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder

5) Are You My Mentor?

6) Seek and Speak Your Truth

7) Don’t Leave Before You Leave

8) Make Your Partner a Real Partner

9) The Myth of Doing It All

10) Let’s Start Talking About It

11) Working Together Toward Equality

This evening I am extremely lucky to be attending the Zeit Conference featuring Sheryl Sandberg as a keynote speaker. Many thanks to my dear friends Niko Waesche and Josefina Petrus for making this happen. I’m eternally grateful for your generosity. I promise to take good notes. 

So ladies, let’s start shaping our own destiny, let’s work hard, and together we can empower one another and reach our goals faster. We can become leaders and inspire the generation that follows us. You ready to Lean In? I am. 

For tickets to both workshops, please RSVP here: